By purchasing from Applied Lighting, whether it be a custom service or product, you are agreeing to our terms and policies. Use of any services or products from Applied Lighting is at the consumer's own risk. Applied Lighting is not responsible for improper use or installation. It is the responsibility of the customer to use and install products correctly



All products offered by APPLIED LIGHTING have a warranty. Warranty length is stated on the product page. Warranty is only granted to products which malfunction under proper use and install. Improper use/install of products will not retain warranty. Any warranty claims must be done over email.

Custom build warranty terms are split in to parts and construction warranty. At APPLIED LIGHTING we use the best products on the market in our custom builds, but occasionally, products will fail or malfunction. Products will retain a specific parts warranty which will cover the cost of the part, however, labor is not warrantied unless we are at fault for the failure. That means that the consumer will be responsible for shipping the lights to us and for labor costs (heavily discounted) to reinstall the warrantied product. 


  1. HID components including bulbs, ballasts, igniters and harness will have a 1 year parts warranty

  2. HID projector warranty covers the functionality of the projector including the coating and high beam functionality (if equipped) for 1 year

  3. Accessory LED components including halos, demon eyes, strips, LED pods, etc. are covered under a 1 year parts warranty


  1. Seal on the headlights including condensation and leaks is warrantied for 6 months. NOTE: sometimes in harsh weather environments, condensation may occur shortly after install. This is due to the change in temperature from inside the headlight to the outside temperature. This is easily remedied by removing the headlight and back caps and allowing it to vent off over night. The inside temperature should acclimate and mitigate condensation. We always install extra silica packets and venting measure to every custom build

  2. Paint chips and flaking is covered under a 6 month warranty

  3. Projectors and accessory LED component install/mounting including halos, demon eyes, strips, LED pods are covered under a 1 year warranty


  1. We insure our builds to the cost of the entire bill. If your build comes damaged IMMEDIATELY take pictures and send them to us with a description of the damage

  2. If you ship us your headlights to modify, you will be responsible for insuring the headlight in case it is damaged in shipping. We will take note of any damages and let you know ASAP.  


Product returns and exchanges are accepted in a tier-based set up. Customer will be responsible for return shipping unless we are at fault for sending the wrong/malfunctioning product. Used or installed products may NOT be returned. Refund percentages are based on PURCHASE PRICE. If you bought a product during a sale, the percentage will be based on the sale price.

TIER 1: Unopened and like new = 90% refund OR 100% store credit

TIER 2: Packaging opened/damaged = 75% refund OR 90% store credit

NOTE: We do NOT accept returns on custom headlight builds. If there is a problem or issue with the build we will fix it according to our warranty policy. If after the first warranty, the issue is not fixed, we will offer a full refund no questions asked. Down payments on custom builds are 50% refundable if we are notified within 2 weeks of paying the down payment.