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    Select your own options to build a set of OEM PROJECTOR SERIES headlights custom to your vehicle! This product comes standard with your choice of chrome or black/chrome accented projector headlights with switchback DRLs. You can choose to upgrade projectors and LED pods,  switchback or color changing  halos and DRLs, color changing demon eyes, paint match the housings and MORE!! These headlights are compatible with 2009-2018 Dodge Rams equipped with quad AND OEM Projector style headlights.


    *Switchback: White DRL that blinks amber for turn signal

    *Color Changing: Has the ability to select any color from an app on your phone. Standard Bluetooth controller is ALWAYS included in price. The Morimoto Bluetooth Controller is an upgraded controller that allows you to change multiple products different colors independently of each other all from one app. It's like 3 controllers in 1! You are automatically upgraded to the Morimoto controller if you have multiple color changing products ex: color changing round halos and color changing demon eyes.

    *Ghozt Color Chasing/Flow: These are the top of the line in customization. You can customize start up and shut down animations, turn signal animations and party/show modes! All of these products are powered by the blueghozt controller!


    Want your projector lenses etched to automatically increase your build's cool factor by 1000%? Contact us to see how we can get a logo or design etched into your projector lenses!


    Don't forget to add custom fog lights to finish off the front end!

      PriceFrom $425.00
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