C Bar Performance Series Headlights:1994-2002 Ram

C Bar Performance Series Headlights:1994-2002 Ram

Select your own options to build a set of headlights custom to your vehicle! This product comes standard with your choice of chrome or black/chrome accented headlights retrofitted with performance HID projectors. These projectors come equipped with low and high beam capabilities and a quality HID system to make sure you light up the road with the best of them as well as keeping light OUT of other drivers' eyes! These housings also come standard with a white LED C Bar with white LED strips. These headlights are upgradable with switchback and/or color changing DRL C bars, switch back and/or color changing round/hex halos, color changing demon eyes, paint matched housings and MORE!! These headlights are compatible with sport and non-sport 1994-2002 Dodge Rams.


*Switchback: White LED that blinks amber for switchback

*Color Changing: Has the ability to select any color from an app on your phone. Standard Bluetooth controller is ALWAYS included in price. The Morimoto Bluetooth Controller is an upgraded controller that allows you to change multiple products different colors independently of each other all from one app. It's like 3 controllers in 1! You are automatically upgraded to the Morimoto controller if you have multiple color changing products ex: color changing round halos and color changing DRLs


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Don't forget to add custom fog lights to finish off the front end!